Video Editing & Post-Production Services with a fine finish.
Four decades of editorial on everything from Moviolas, Video Toasters or Avids, to Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro. Commercials, documentaries, narrative or educational. Whether the need is narration, graphics, music and other elements, or deft navigating from point A to B…we have the tools, skill, and facility with finishing touches that deliver projects to the goal destination.

We can operate the editing system under a client’s direction…or add the producer’s craft of tying it all together with how much of what to add where…and when. Whether working from strict blueprints or developing dynamic solutions as projects evolve, completion and clarity of purpose arrive on target.

Adding Value, Credibility and Comprehension with Visual Effects

Quality Green Screen Compositing

Main Title Sequence

3D Video Logo Design from Print Art


Editing in Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro with AJA video capture and near-field audio monitoring. Graphics with Photoshop, After Effects, Apple Motion and Shake.

Computer and video monitors at editing and DVD authoring workstations

With computers and outboard gear all racked up, there is plenty of table space to accommodate the creative team. The studio is right next door for instant collaboration and the control room can be closed off for acoustic purposes.

Two equipment racks with various vintages of computers and storage plus analog and digital audio and video gear with patching

Centralized patching for speed and flexibility. Several generations of vintage gear for special applications plus the modern tools as well.

Overhead lighting and video monitoring in the Organic Media production studio
A very versatile space with enough room for small sets plus accommodates both high and low angle shooting. Overhead electrical outlets keep cables across the floor to a minimum. Acoustics are good for dialog, narration or live music. Plenty of stands, light fixtures and light modifiers.

A potent creative combination: Variable lighting diffusion control, quality green-screen materials including a full length roll-out floor canvas and Ultimatte processing which delivers highly realistic composite still or moving images.