Our transfers of video to standard definition DVD are among the best you will find anywhere. Excellent playback gear and the gold standard Sonic MPEG-2 DVD encoder provide superior results especially when viewed on large High Definition televisions. Our Sonic is the same encoder movie studios use to make their DVD masters and it delivers excellent picture and sound on DVD from consumer formats like VHS, 8mm video and miniDV.

DVD transfers made on a DVD recorder (a VCR-like machine) or those first captured into video editing software and then transcoded into DVD—they simply PALE in comparison to the Sonic! And DVD recorders have a reputation for turning out DVD’s that don’t always play well on machines other than the ones that made them.

Video to DVD, Blu-ray or Flash Drive

Standard pricing for Sonic DVD transfers is:

  • 30 minutes or less $40
  • 60 minutes $50
  • 90 minutes $55
  • 120 minutes $60.

We can combine multiple partially full tapes together up to the 120 minute limit. In addition to the standard price above there is an additional charge of $20 per tape to combine multiple tapes…and in an average situation this might save 15-20% versus having only one tape per DVD. The highest possible quality is obtained by limiting content per DVD to 94 minutes.

Editing—where we are only taking select portions of a tape, making different versions, and other customization is available by quotation.

We also do direct transfers to hard drives, Blu-ray, data disc, etc., if you want to edit the video yourself on a computer. Content from existing, non-commercial DVD’s can be extracted for you to edit from or we can edit footage into a new master DVD.

HD footage from your camcorder or phone can be made into Blu-ray video discs or down-converted into excellent standard definition DVD’s for those who don’t have Blu-ray.

We also offer television standards conversion to accomodate media playback from or to foreign countries.