Rumors reporting the demise of DVD are greatly exaggerated. True, it’s no longer the preferred delivery vehicle for Hollywood-style home entertainment. What it has is an installed base of 90-plus percent of American households as the most successful consumer media format so far.

The software running it won’t be obsolete and out of date next week or six months from now. For a physical piece of media, it can’t be corrupted or erased like a thumb/flash drive, hard drive, or even the cloud. So DVD is great to store things that you want to save but also have easily accessible.

We offer the gamut of customized creations from feature films on DVD, to PowerPoints and looping trade-show videos, school DVD yearbooks, video resumes and portfolios, to highly interactive courtroom presentations, reports, or research publishing. We do quality down-conversions from HD video and make sure other media transformations make their way onto DVD in the best way possible.

A highly interactive DVD title with cross referencing through 21 volumes