What’s Organic About Media?

organic |ôrˈganik| adjective 3. Denoting a relation between elements of something such that they fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a whole.

We arrived at the name Organic Media because it describes what we do: harmoniously arrange media elements…word, picture, and sound…into a cohesive whole.

The partners have broad and deep skill-sets dating back to the 1970’s including radio, television & film production, and the performing arts—working in both technical and creative capacities within each modality.

We have worked with digital video editing and effects systems from Adobe, Apple and Avid since the early days of that technology 25 plus years ago. Our initial imaging platform was film technology, lighting everything from tabletop to large-scale scenes. In the present, we have successfully migrated to high definition digital imaging, utilizing large sensor cameras for maximum quality. Organic Media is also vastly experienced with compression technology to insure our clients receive the highest possible end result regardless of the delivery vehicle.

Whether directing screen performances or writing a script distilling complex information, Organic Media’s combined experience allows us to successfully navigate a wide spectrum of subject matter. We produce instructional videos and other forms of educational media as well as projects promoting sales of products and services. Serving both the commercial and non-profit sectors, we are acutely aware of brand standards––with the producing judgment to know standards are upheld throughout the process. We work with clients to the degree of detail they wish—to ensure expectations are met.