Transferred media can be made into excellent storytelling movies! Great editing, pan and zoom slide shows, music, narration, titles and graphics, animation and other special effects are available. We take photos, movies, videos, add memorabilia then weave it all together for a moving reflection of how a life was lived, a business was built, or to celebrate milestone birthdays and anniversaries.

Combine photos, movies and memorabilia into a presentation

For folks who want to take pictures and videos of their travels and events…then have someone else make it all work together…you have found the right place. We’ve made complete edited movies and slide-show type presentations for many memorable trips to Africa, the Arctic, Europe and South America.

This short except from a client’s trip to Italy and Malta is fast pace edited to give a brief example of integrating a collection of photos and videos. The screen time of images and videos and the use of animated stills are up to what our client wants—in terms of program length and the use of effects.

We make sure the photos and videos properly scale to whatever format the end presentation is in—DVD, Blu-ray or HD video on flash drive…so that imagery is the best it can be, audio remains in sync…and of course we can add flourishes if and where they are desired.

Our presentations work out well for folks who want a good job done, but don’t have the time to do it themselves…or who don’t want to earn a college degree learning the tools.