Job: family biography.

“Thank you, Matt Heilmann, of Organic Media. I appreciate your patience with me, since I’m always changing my mind and coming up with something new.  I am so happy with the progress of my project of documenting my family, starting with my Portuguese great grandparents.  I’m so impressed with the magic you do with those computers of yours.”

–Iris Cabral Bilodeau







Jobs: on-site high level video production workshop. Design and implement video post-production suite.

“When Corbin decided to take on video production in-house, we needed a lot of help and didn’t even know where to begin. Luckily we found Matt and Organic Media. Not only did they have impressive creative abilities, but also the technical knowledge to springboard us towards our goals.

In an intensive hands-on production workshop, Organic Media worked with Corbin staff to produce our first television commercial from storyboard through final edit. That commercial aired internationally on the Speed network and led to Corbin’s on-air presence for many years.

Organic Media also designed and implemented a suite of studio equipment to interface with our existing workstations. After the suite was setup, it only took a single day of training with Matt to have our team up to speed and in production.

Thanks a lot Matt, we couldn’t have done it without you!”

–Greg Hurley, Marketing Director, Corbin-Pacific Inc.

Job: light and shoot green screen elements for animated music video.

“Both the band and our New York production house, Flexitoon Films, were exceedingly pleased with the green-screen and Nevada City location shots for our music video Ridin’ The Rails to Reno. You’re great folks to work with and the studio is way cool! Hope to be back soon.”

–Doug, Cousin Cricket country-swing band

Job: produce updated instructional DVD from 90’s era ¾” videotape.

“Organic Media helped us produce The Basics of Horseshoe Pitching on DVD. They’re very knowledgeable about the processes and explaining choices. Helping with the new content, cleaning up the audio and encouraging us to go find our actual masters, all helped bringing the video up to date. They made sure all manufacturing steps were handled properly including delivery to multiple locations…on time and within budget. Thank you Organic Media.”

–Dave Loucks, National Horseshoe Pitchers Foundation

Jobs: produce institute founder’s address video. Produce updated video.

“Organic Media produced both my address to new students and Our Life Between Lives DVD. We were especially happy with how it was all handled including the direction, editing and international fulfillment. They fully explained our options and delivered what we needed very nicely.”

–Michael Newton, Author, Founder, The Newton Institute

Professional Associate
“I’ve known Matt for decades and he has the unique combination of being a creative producer and an experienced instructor with a broad array of media.

Matt has taught digital editing and camera technique to film students at the University of California at Santa Cruz. He has developed curriculum, authoring a Technical Workshop series covering all aspects of film production.

Matt has many years of experience creating and producing product. He has produced educational videos, public relations pieces, live radio broadcasts, live musical events, film documentaries, and TV commercials.”

–Marti Atkinson, Ph.D.
Principal, Instructional Designer, nLight

Job: personal biography video with pan and zoom slide show.

“Such a wonderful job. The video had the feeling of a real movie.”

–Anne W.

Family Biography Video

Jobs: turn raw HD footage from wildlife travels into edited films.

“Organic Media turns HD footage from travels to Alaska and the Arctic into enjoyable programs that preserve my memories of grizzly bears, bald eagles and stunning scenery up close. They incorporate just the right music in the right place, adding immense impact to the story. It’s nice knowing when I’m out shooting in these remote places that, not to worry…the folks at Organic Media will put together an interesting story of the wild places and animals I went to experience. Thanks Matt.”

–Bobbie H., Wildlife Videographer

Job: football highlight reel.

“My son Chance’s highlight reels serve both as past record of season accomplishments and as inspiration for the future as he moves on in sports. Editing is smooth and the pace is crisp which helps maintain interest with coaches who are looking at dozens of these reels.”

–Mike Brown