One size doesn’t always fit all. Lots of internet marketers and other web savvy people will encourage a business person to use their phone camera or personal camcorder to make and post promotional videos for their business. If you’re a small retailer, restaurateur, or provide a basic service, chances are good this might work ok or even quite well. But, the more professionally oriented and/or specialized your business is—the greater the risk a D-I-Y approach might work against you.

Think about it. You’re a professional and your assistant, or a videographer you’ve hired, stops you in between office visits to record a short bio or introductory message to new clients. You’ve got all kinds of things on your mind, you’re distracted, but you do your best for that moment. The video gets posted on Facebook, YouTube and your website. Could a potential client get the impression you take a home-made or impromptu approach to your profession—and the service you would provide them—since the video is produced that way?

Having a sense of how people on the receiving end of a message might interpret it…is one of the skills a good producer develops after years of experience, substantial formal education and mentoring under a seasoned producer.