Regular 8mm and Super-8 motion picture films are transferred in-house with our telecine projector systems that provide a very good image on DVD, High Definition Blu-ray discs, or editable files for those who want to edit their own movies. Our system gives us a wide latitude to adjust the image for film that was recorded too dark or too light. We can also dramatically adjust the timing for precious short film clips that pass too quickly.

8mm films are about a quarter inch wide and typically come on 3”- 50 foot reels as well as 5”-200 foot, 6”-300 foot and 7”-400 foot reels. Pricing is $20 per 3” reel and .30/foot for the larger reels. Because of set-up time, there is a $75 minimum for film transfers.

The automated transfer systems used by the drug stores and club stores don’t know what the subject is in any given scene—and therefore how to optimally adjust the transfer quality. For example, people standing in snow…the machine will see all the bright light of the snow and darken the image, making people’s faces too dark. Or, with people in a forest or dark background, the machine will lighten the image and wash out the faces. A skilled operator knows what the subject is and adjusts the image accordingly.

For 16mm, 35mm, and other film formats, we have a 20 year relationship with an extremely reliable, top notch transfer source that we coordinate with.

We individually scan color slides or transparencies from 35mm to 8″ x 10″ sheet film. We also have automated batch scanning of 35mm slides for a less expensive alternative. These are highly customizable services by skilled professionals, not intended to compete with mass-produced drug or club store pricing.

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