Our 4:2:2 HD low noise Super 35mm sensor camera produces clean studio composites as well as film-like
location imagery.

We shoot with editing in mind, translating a script into striking storytelling visuals. With excellent lighting, handheld
and special set-ups, shoots range from basic to very advanced.

A lot of commercial video messaging these days is what amounts to nicely photographed and edited collages. The drawback is this approach largely ignores how people interpret and construct the meaning of incoming audiovisual information.

When telling a story with words…it’s organized such that the words, sentences and paragraphs convey a progression that delivers the reader or listener to a destination. If components of a story were stirred up and conveyed as a jumble, we would have a word collage. In video, this approach gambles that our viewer will arrive at the intended destination…hoping they walk away with a favorable impression of the business and what it does.

Time-lapse, drones and camera dollies add great value to productions when they significantly complement well developed storytelling. When the tools dominate a production or become the star of the show, they often just make for fancier collages.

We believe in storytelling first. Of using media creation tools to craft a meaningful progression of imagery. We’re a very scalable company––so that our clients get what they need, when they need it. Delivering the top notch results a big production company can provide, without rolling the big production company overhead into our pricing. Whether making a presentation for a select, specific group of people, or something to show the world…Organic Media helps reach your audience and leave the right impression about who you are and what you do.

Documentary Film

Trade Show & Digital Signage Video

Product Instruction Video

Green Screen Compositing Shoot