The internet, YouTube and social media forever changed audio and video distribution. The need for skilled producing, directing, and great development planning hasn’t changed a bit.

We use a craftsman’s approach to produce clear, concise, visual messages, fit for the brands they represent. Whether a documentary, commercial, or public relations message, we’re here to help tell the story.

Why hire Organic Media? With good video equipment now inexpensive and with so many people producing video cheaply…why would you hire a seasoned production company to create your business videos?

As it happens, there is so much more to creating effective promotional videos than meets the eye. Leaving your video audience with the right impression about you and your business generally takes a lot more than good photography and editing, unless photography and editing is the product you’re selling.

You can have a narrator say what you want the audience to hear, but if the whole production doesn’t reflect the values you are trying to leave as an impression, there is a good chance the video won’t meet its goals.


Hiring a producer versus hiring a videographer. This video describes the very different rolls the producer and videographer positions fill. It is intended for those who may not understand what they are getting when hiring people to create video for their business or organization.



A short sampler illustrating how visual effects get to the point! Quality illustrations can help make that point faster and more clear, while adding credibility to the overall message.